Louise Mendonca, UK

Louise Mendonca, UK

"Den has this extraordinary ability to hit the nail on the head every time with his advice which resonates in every area of my business. I bought the book, signed up for the Elite programme (the cost of which I made back on charging correctly for a one day edit!) and broke the £100k mark just 6 months after first meeting with him".

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Meet Den Lennie

Den is a Video Producer and sometimes DOP who has worked with Major brands to create launch films and other video content, He's worked with celebrities and  sporting stars and has managed budgets ranging from several  hundreds of thousands down to a few thousand dollars and everything in between.  He now helps filmmakers to grow their businesses.

His mission is to help committed filmmakers around the world who want to generate more business and develop a more commercial mindset, attract more clients and create more revenue by embracing a strategic approach to their marketing.

Unlike DIY marketing efforts where they often rely on luck, our program offers a proven roadmap to  building commercial confidence and attracting more clients. 

See What Others are Saying

The inner circle has been a really phenomenal experience so far. Beyond just having immediate access to Den, a wealth of how-to videos and critiques whenever required, there’s a great community of like minded [international] business owners all at my disposal 24-7. I have had a great experience thus far and would recommend it to others who are serious in growing their video production business. I’ve learned a lot in the past several months and I feel more confident in my business every day. Thumbs up!
— Chris Stanley www.amberpacificstudios.com
The Inner Circle helped me to find my own direction in the video production field. Although I am just at the beginning of the road, Den made me find this road and stick to it no matter what.

The Inner Circle is just what I was looking for, because learning how to sell yourself is sometimes more important than have the best quality in your work, although, those 2 combined are clearly the road to excellence!
So thanks a million Den!
— Rares Ilea nuvofilms.com
Den’s Video Business Inner Circle is helping me get my marketing on track with a no bullshit approach and by making me accountable for getting things done.
— Alexander Buhlert www.peaklight-productions.com
I’ve found a huge benefit in having access to the group and being able to see the challenges other have (that I may not have had yet) and working with the group to present and find multiple solutions.

It’s like having a huge board of directors to help guide you as a business owner.
— Lee Herbert www.capturingpassion.com


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