Here are some resources you may find useful  to help manage business finances :

Receipt Bank

A very useful app that allows you to photograph all of your receipts using your phone and have them uploaded to a server where they are remotely analysed and the data is then inserted to a file that you can review and send to your book keeper . This app has transformed my life!!

Sage Accounts

Accounting software - very popular with accountants i and book keepers in the UK


Online accounting software, I've switched to this for my Aussie business and it's incredible. Very easy to see your P&L at a moments notice plus what cash is available including who owes you money and what your current liabilities are


UK version



Another accounting software solution


Sage Pay

A solution to help you take payments online, over the phone or face to face using credit cards.  Sagepay is the payment process or and you need to tie that into a merchant account.

Another Payment authorisation company - They have a useful video that explains how credit card payments work

Global Payments


Are  both merchant accounts that allows you to accept credit cards.  Setting up a merchant account is not easy! It is a form of credit and so expect a lot of questions  when you set up your account.


A very popular method of accepting payment if you do not have  a credit card merchant account.

This gives live foreign exchange rates and is a useful reference when working with international clients.