Position Yourself to Dominate Your Market, Charge Premium Prices and Enjoy a SIX-FIGURE Video Production Empire!

If you are tired of working for clients who only want the best price, this book will transform your life.  It redefines how to attract clients, market a premium service and enjoy a business with an income that hands you security and financial freedom on a plate.

"Business for Filmmakers is a blueprint for allowing a predictable six-figure income for filmmakers producing corporate videosand industrial films for commercial clients."

Contents Include:

  • Positioning Your Business

  • Creating a Plan for Your Business

  • Premier Pricing

  • Getting Things Done

  • Marketing 101

  • Automate Your Marketing

  • How To Attract Customers

  • Dealing with Clients

  • How to Sell

  • How to Grow Your business

  • Finances & Getting Paid

  • Managing Projects Effectively

What Filmmakers are Saying About this Transformational Book

Ken Poindexter -  Mooresville, NC

Ken Poindexter -  Mooresville, NC

"I received my copy of Business For Filmmakers a couple of days ago and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Den shares a wealth of information on how to run a successful video business and covers important topics like developing your niche, cash flow, marketing, dealing with clients, how to grow your business and many others. I found his frank and straightforward approach to sharing knowledge refreshing. This brief post cant do the book justice; it is an excellent and comprehensive work. Buy it today if you're serious about building a successful video business."
Ken Poindexter -  Mooresville, NC


Sean Kelly - Kent, UK

Sean Kelly - Kent, UK

Just wanted to say thanks for writing such an excellent book. It’s been very inspiring, and even the sample chapter made me £800!

In December I was writing CVs and contemplating getting a “real” job again, but your book has inspired me to make a real go of it in 2015. It’s like I’ve been asleep, waiting for the work to come to me…

Sean Kelly, Kelly Conference Video - Kent, UK


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"208 pages of tried and tested ‘real world’ strategies, principles and ‘fought in the trenches’ insights to help you make more money and become a more successful corporate filmmaker"