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In this complimentary chapter  you will discover:

  • The Importance of  Niche Marketing
  • How to Choose a Niche for your Business
  • Decide How Much Money You Want to Make
  • How to Identify Your Ideal Client and Why
  • Creating an Ideal Customer Avatar
  • How to Market to Your Ideal Client
  • How to Run Your Business on Your Rules


But do you know what?

I could send you a hard copy of the 208 page book. I know what it’s like – I’ve done it myself – you see a really useful free report and you grab it with both pixels. You carefully save it to your ‘training’ folder – and there it languishes until you have time to read it. Which is, more likely than not, never.

Now, if I send it to you through the post it’ll sit on your desk, all shiny and helpful – and you’re much more likely to read it. But you’ll not only read it: I’m betting you’ll make notes on it and ACT on the advice inside, won’t you?

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Clear, straightforward information - no bullshit-just what you NEED to know. Get on it NOW ~
— Brett Moulton - Melbourne, Australia

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